Flower Gardens

Flower Gardens around the pond are European style with many kinds conifers and display 60,000 flowers(50 cultivars), such as Pansy, Dianthus, Begonia, Salvia, Impatiens, Hibiscus, Zinnia and Pachystachys all the year round. In spring, tulip gardens are in full bloom and these gardens have become famous in Japan.

Central Flower beds

Windmill Flower beds

In spring tulips are in full bloom and you feel as if you are in Holland.

Four season’s Gardens

European garden with falls and fountain.


Here and there you can view fascinating flowers and blossoms in full bloom each season… Japanese plums, Camellias, Cherry blossoms, Rhododendrons, Wisterias, Hydrangeas and Roses.
You can also enjoy walking along the path and watching the beautiful scenes in the woods with Azaleas, bush clovers and field-and-mountain flowers.

Rose Garden

Roses are displayed in arches, poles and hanging type.

Japanese Apricot Garden

Japanese Apricots are blooming in spring, bearing fruits in early summer

Hydrangea Garden

Hundreds Hydrangea are blooming all over the field in Tsuyu (Japanese rainy season, June to July)

Rhododendron Garden

The valley is jammed with Rhododendron flowers (20 cultivars).

Japanese Azalea Path

Deciduous Japanese Azalea (Rhododendron reticulatum) are stooping over the paths.

Cherry Blossom Garden

Cherry Blossom are in full bloom in spring.

Camellia Garden

Camellia are blooming from autumn to spring.

Green Houses

In the houses, Gesneriaceae and Carnivorous plants which we take great pride in, tropical and subtropical plants, such as hybrid tuberous Begonias, Orchids, Heliconias are in full bloom throughout the year.

 Four Seasons Exhibition

Cane type Begonia from spring to summer, Achimenes and Streptcarpus in autumn, Rhizomatous Begonia in winter.

Tuberous Begonia Exhibition

In this room everyone is much admired with the floods fo beauty: both standing types and pendulous ones impress visitors to a great degree.

Tropical Plants Exhibition

This contains tall tropical plants and fruit tree with shade-tolerant plants under them.

Gesneria Exhibition

This exhibits rare Gesneriaceae as well as Streptcarpus

Orchid Exhibition

Lots of rare species together with familiar Cattleya, Cymbidium and Dendrobium Phalaenopsis types are exhibited here.

Carnivorous Plants Exhibition

Leading collection of Nepenthes and other carnivorous plants are exhibited spontaneously.

Flower Hall

The three-dimentional exhibition of plants makes the best use of the unequalled staircase design. A concert is held here every Christmas.

Restaurant & Shopping Store

Please relax and enjoy meals and tea time while you appreciate seasonal gorgeous expressions of the flowers.

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